Featured|September 11, 2019

Make your next corporate event as unique as they come

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Just because it’s corporate, doesn’t mean your next business party has to be dull. In fact, no matter what the occasion it seems as though we’ve reached a point where people are tired of “the usual shtick”. Many of us spend countless hours in search of something new and exciting that hasn’t been done before. Now it’s time to put that same time and effort into your corporate event planning.   

Steer away from the typical

Whether you’re in need of a private meeting space to wine and dine a new client, or a large event venue for a celebration dinner or holiday party, think outside the box. 

  1. Consider your guests. What do they care about? What are their interests? 
  2. Find a special space. What does the venue offer? Is it in a good location? Is it out of the ordinary? Is it a place that has expertise in corporate hosting?
  3. Focus on the overall experience. From start to finish, what can you do to make sure your corporate clients or colleagues find your event engaging and memorable? 

Think about pleasing the masses

The problem with a restaurant venue, concert or sports game is that you offer your guests only a single option. What if the food at the restaurant is unappetizing? Or what if some of your corporate colleagues are not interested in your specific concert or sport of choice? There is nowhere else for them to go. They are, quite literally, stuck until the bitter end.

Lessen the risk of even a single dissatisfied guest by searching for unique event venues that offer a variety of entertainment options.

Food is everything

Whether it’s a corporate holiday party or an intimate client meeting, everyone remembers the food. If it was bad, this is likely to be the focus of the water cooler conversation on the following business day. On the other hand, if it was excellent, your event goes down in history as guests rant about the mouthwatering dishes. 

In your planning process, take your time on the menu. Consider your guests’ personal preferences. Think of different courses and seating arrangements. Would you like to create a fine dining or casual dining experience? Are you interested in buffet style or traditional serving? Most importantly, work with an event venue that is willing to help you create the perfect menu to suit your budget, tastes and theme. 

Entertain, entertain, entertain

Just dinner? That simply doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want your corporate event to be truly impactful, entertain your guests in a way they don’t expect. There are a countless number of options to explore from music, dancing, magic, comedy, sports, interactive play and so much more. Analyze your audience. Understand their interests. Tally your numbers. Identify your concept. And do your due diligence as you research to determine the best way to keep your guests engaged from the moment they walk through the door to the moment your event comes to an end.

Fine dining, live horse racing and casino entertainment – now that’s unique

Nice space? Check.

Great food? Check.

Live entertainment? Check.

Unforgettable experience? Check.

Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto is a corporate event venue second to none. With 10 unique event spaces to suit a business party of any style and size, when your guests visit Woodbine, there is never a dull moment. Our exceptionally skilled culinary staff delivers brunches, lunches and dinners with beautiful presentation and delicious taste. Wager and watch live horse racing on one of the world’s most renowned racetracks, and enjoy a full casino onsite! 

The end result?  

A corporate event that lets your guests experience the perfect mix of dining, watching, wagering, socializing and playing.